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About Me

From the majestic hills of Eastern Kentucky, Doug Pinson brings a homegrown, authentic musical experience to his listeners. His original songs are a fusion of country, rock and gospel elements – songs from the heart, filled with soul. He never seeks to stay “in the box”, but writes songs with whatever inspiration suits his vision, which gives his music a cross-genre vibe. He uses elements of his classical training with a splash of “twang” to create a sound that is none other than….Doug Pinson.

He currently resides within and mainly performs around the Greater Louisville Region. In addition to his public performances, he also entertains our elderly at senior facilities, and he sings his gospel originals at various worship events. Upcoming public and worship performances can be found on his “Events” page here on the website.

He is an original artist who makes a living performing his songs, as well as covers from his favorite country heroes. A few of the fellow songwriters he has gotten the privilege of writing with include Carl Stuck, Craig Soderburg, Jonathan Jackson and Butch Rice. He has also been writing and working on original material extensively with Aaron Crane. He records the bulk of his material at Flying Bicycle Studios in Louisville, KY, as well as at 410 Studios in Corydon, IN with Jordan Bailey.